Highlights & Accomplishments


✔ Completion of a new splash pad in Garnet Graham Park

✔ Reduction in council size from 16 to 8 for efficiency and streamlining

✔ Fenelon Marquee Sign to be completed and will create a significant land mark and tourist attraction

✔ Alternate option for power with the introduction of Enbridge Gas into the Ward


✔ Revamping of programs at Maryboro Lodge, creating a community hub and attraction for all ages

✔ $2.2 million upgrade to Ellice St. pumping station allowing new developments in Fenelon Falls

✔ Creation of a new park in Rosedale with the help of volunteers


✔ Downtown revitilization project is moving forward in four communities

✔ Continued relief of child care, transportation, housing, and food security for lower income households through Poverty Reduction Round Table

✔ Large infrastructure projects (e.g., Helen, Clifton, and North Street, and several rural roads)